Karaoke Experience

Business events don’t have to be the way we usually think of them: standardized, and sometimes, even boring. In the fast paced climate of today’s world, professionalism, creating interest and originality, are what dictate the field of event planning. If you are planning an event and want to guarantee that your guests can unwind and make connections, we’re here to make sure you don’t just escape the office routine, but escape routine altogether!

There are many activities that may suit a business event, but a night of high-quality Karaoke will guarantee that it will be unforgettable. After all, in order to do business, an environment that’s comfortable, honest and trustworthy, is essential; and there’s no better way to create such an environment then having a drink, loosening the tie, and getting on stage.

Our venue in Petah Tikva contains seven private, diverse and unique Karaoke rooms, with a capacity spanning from 6 to 150 people, in order to cater to events of all sizes. Each of the rooms is designed carefully and to international standards, aesthetically capturing the character of one of the world’s great cities, so that you can discuss the latest developments in the market in an intercontinental setting. In addition to the great design and ambience, you can enjoy the dishes from our tantalizing food menu and fully-stocked bar, sure to please any palette. Every room is furnished with a unique state-of-the-art sound system that is controlled via an innovative app which holds a list of tens of thousands of songs in many languages that are updated on a daily basis.

Whether it’s a small meeting with investors, an executive seminar, a recreational outing for your staff, or any other kind of business event, we are prepared. The rooms are fitted with the most advanced sound and multimedia facilities so that you can enjoy a musical event unlike any other, in a lively and dynamic atmosphere. So come boost your confidence in the perfect place to break-the-ice before big decisions, to display your sense of humor to employees on our fully furnished stage, or to see your colleagues open up to one another as never before. Come create experiences and bonds that will strengthen your business in the best way possible – through music and companionship.

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