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In the modernly designed building at 30 Shaham st. in the new and vibrant business complex in Petah Tikva, there is Tosca – an innovative, stylish and well-designed event gallery that will supply all your event planning needs.

Designed by one of the most well-renowned architects in Israel, and as the name might suggest, Tosca is an event gallery designed to capture the warmth, charm and romantic style of Italy’s Tuscan region. Dedication to meticulous design is expressed in every detail of the invigorating space, filled with high-quality furniture and trimmings, hand-picked from different locations around the world in order to build a composition radiating ease and elegance. The gallery combines a sense of urban dynamism and natural tranquility, overlooking the hustle and bustle of the lively business area below, while enveloped by lush greenery and an abundance of flowers.

At Tosca we offer a rich culinary experience through a variety of menus, capable of satisfying the requirements of any event. Whether it’s a hearty and respectable dinner, a tranquil luncheon, a dynamic and tantalizing party menu, or a laid-back brunch, we pride ourselves in being prepared to supply any event scenario. And if a client has a specific vision in mind, our house chef would be delighted to offer close and personal guidance in building a tailor-made menu, complimenting the specific character of the event.

Since no event is complete without a touch of music, the gallery is equipped with top-notch multimedia, lighting and sound equipment, in order to produce a superb interactive experience. Additionally, the gallery boasts a unique, state-of-the-art Karaoke system developed especially for our gallery. Our clients can take part of the trend that took over the country, and became a quintessential part of any unforgettable event.

The gallery can hold up to 150 people in a variety of seating arrangements, and in different constellations of the modular and dynamic furniture and trimmings.

Our venue is the ideal location for all types of business events, especially: directory meetings, professional seminars, conferences, corporate affairs and recreational get-togethers for employees.

We will be happy to be at your service and partake in your happiness.

Best regards,

The Tosca Family

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