Private events

Tosca is a private event venue with a capacity of up to 150 people. The gallery is located in the heart of the vibrant new business and leisure area in Petah Tikva.

The designer in charge of Tosca’s aesthetic vision has drawn inspiration from Italy’s Tuscany region, managing to convey all the elegance, warmth and poise that characterize the famous beauty of Tuscany and its buildings through a rustic, detailed and pastoral style, with hand-picked furniture from different locations around the world. The gallery space is divided into a large main banquet hall which opens up onto a majestic, lush and well-groomed veranda, overlooking the surroundings, complementing the rustic tranquility of the venue.

At Tosca, you will enjoy a unique culinary experience, composed and prepared specifically for your event. The exclusive house menus, built by the Tosca house chef, were meant to fit every type of private event. Our clients can choose the menu that suits them best, and even build a new menu with the help of our expert catering staff.

The gallery is fully equipped with advanced and innovative technological facilities, including surround screens, projectors, and a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art Karaoke machine, ready to add a touch of original content to your event. Our professional team is here to give its support and guidance from the very start, to ensure that your event will be custom-made in accordance to your vision.

Tosca hosts private events of all kinds, such as: brises, bar and bat-mitzvahs, special birthdays, small boutique weddings, engagement parties, and many more.

Tosca private events are our way of transforming your affair into a unique and unforgettable experience; utilizing the combination of ideal location, rustic ambience, fresh food and professional service, paving the way for the perfect private event.

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