Boutique weddings

A wedding is an exciting and unforgettable event.

We would like to invite you to have your special event at our venue, of which we are so proud: The Tosca Private Event Gallery, located in the new leisure and business complex in Petah Tikva.

The gallery space is designed to accommodate small, boutique high-quality weddings – up to 150 guests – boasting an impressive rustic indoors banquet hall, and a stunning and spacious terrace.

All the furniture in Tosca is made of fine whole wood items, hand-picked from different locations around the world. Seating arrangements are diverse and incorporate classic layouts with numerous lovely seating areas throughout the space.

The food at Tosca is the product of a combination of only the finest ingredients, innovative cooking techniques, and a lingering sense of simplicity. The essence of our food is directed towards being delicious and making our guests happy. In addition, each dish has a beautiful presentation on select china and glassware, tailored to the nature of the event.

The gallery is available for weddings throughout the entire year, each season having its advantages over the others.

The combination of the beautiful inner hall and the cultivated terrace allow for the perfect wedding setting: starting with an outdoor reception and canopy, and then moving indoors for food, dancing and activities.

We believe that every event should be unique and suit the personal taste of those celebrating. And so we are delighted to offer our clients close and personal guidance in finding the right solutions for planning the perfect event.

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