The Food

Today, food is one of the key elements in today’s event scene.

Our food is distinguished by reflecting our belief in an uncompromising mixture of simplicity and quality. It boasts a sense of harmony, innovation and quality, beginning from the markets where we buy our produce fresh, and ending in our state of the art kitchen.

Our main goal is to make our clients and their guests happy through the food we enjoy cooking and serving.

For this reason, the Tosca Gallery offers a wide variety of menus built especially for different kinds of events, in order to pose the perfect solution for every client, and to meet the specific needs of their particular event.

In addition, every event plan is guided by our house chef and culinary team, who will be delighted to tailor unique menus for individual events.

It is the combination of superb ingredients, advanced cooking techniques, a skilled staff and a beautiful presentation, that make the Tosca culinary blend the unique and extraordinary experience that we are so proud of.

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